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H2 Foot Spa & Massage


Nurture, Renew and Relax through Foot Spa & Body Massage.


Wonderful massages with expert techniques! The professional massage therapist Hunter works at the level called for by the tissues and is able to modulate his excellent therapeutic touch to meet the needs he finds in each area and work with client goals.

C.W., Physical Therapist

Professional, friendly; excellent clinically skilled experience and massage techniques.

L.V., Doctor of Chiropractic

Instantly impressed with techniques which gave me more relief of pain and stress as compared to many others. Skilled in foot reflexology. Outstanding close attention paid to client unique needs and conditions. High level of professionalism, skills and knowledge.

E.P., Doctor of Pharmacology

Professional, dependable, exceptionally thorough job. The deep tissue massages have benefited to relieve stress and ongoing muscle pain. High recommendation for massage technique and finesse.



Foot Bath & Reflexology

Release and Renewal

Foot Reflexology works with reflex areas "which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body" (International Institute of Reflexology, 2019).


Reset - Relax - Rebalance


Open Hours

Walk-ins Welcome!

Mon -Sun: 10am - 8pm

After 8pm by appointment only


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